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Now 4 people can return back, bringing the total of 6 players worldwide.

Halo MCC infinite matchmaking : xboxone

TrooltheTrollLegend , Aug 27, Totally going to check out the enhancements. TheVert , Aug 27, I haven't played 2 in forever but I'd still wreck everyone here. AssassinAltair , Aug 27, Have they added a custom game server browser?

I played Halo PC religiously for like 10 months because of that feature and honestly it was the only time I actually had fun with this series. Aug 28, B-Mitch , Aug 28, Nice I might try the games again to play in 4k. LewisHamilton44 , Aug 28, NintendoNick and LewisHamilton44 like this. NintendoNick , Aug 28, Last edited by NintendoNick , Aug 28, I actually want to play this.

Fuhgeddit , Aug 28, Turok , Aug 28, It looks gorgeous in 4k.

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Took them forever but I am glad its working and I kept my copy all this time. Im gonna have to take a week or two and just play the series front to back. Been wanting to do that for a while. ThaPhantom07 , Aug 28, They need to remove team snipers from halo 3 arena playlist smh. Electroacoustic , Aug 28, B-Mitch and NintendoNick like this.

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  3. Cool, It Looks Like 343 Has Fixed Halo MCC (Matchmaking Fixed, and 4K Update).

AngryXenomorph , hipcrime and B-Mitch like this. AngryXenomorph and B-Mitch like this. With Sony losing all these exclusives, I wouldn't be surprised if Yakuza makes it to Xbox.

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BTW, sorry to derail your thread Mitch. Berserker and AngryXenomorph like this.

Aug 29, I'm really glad they fixed it but not having Infection and Swat as permanent playlists along with not being able to vote for the maps anymore is a severe step back. Load times and connection issues are no longer apparent and the game looks stellar but needs to stop doing silly things like removing popular game types.

Along with Halo 5, Griftball is also no longer available to play. Don't get me wrong, the game is ALOT better but whoever is doing the calls for removing the playlists needs to stop. AngryXenomorph , Aug 29, NintendoNick , Aug 29, By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Halo: Master Chief Collection Shows Off New Matchmaking Feature

The Master Chief Collection Why is the matchmaking system so bad? TMCC was a good game to play for the campaign, but not the matchmaking system. And why, you may wonder? Well, you simply take decades to find a match. We are still waiting, Fix the damm matchmaking system.

Most of us Halo fans want to play the multiplayer more than the campaign. I'll buy Titanfalll 2 instead. I'm not even joking. Show More Show Less.

Halo MCC Insider Update RETURNS! Halo MCC Match Composer Mixtape Matchmaking!

I haven't been on here in ages but I must say they are never going to fix it. MCC has been abandoned by the devs.

343 Industries shows off what the new and improved MCC can do

Also matchmaking mostly works doesn't take that long despite a tiny population. Are you not in the U. Non American players are basically screwed.