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Full Episodes Movies Schedule. Copy the link below To share this on Facebook click on the link below. Here are some of the best and most interesting bits of advice from Marc: Marc lets us know what to do when she offers to pay: Probably because they saw right through his BS. I think there is a hidden conspiracy going on against women which makes us believe that if we are successful in education and work, we will be punished by not finding love.

And since most people want to find love and disappointments in your love life touch a soft spot, it is difficult to keep believing that you can realise your potential and still be loved. In my opinion it is also a generational phenomenon. You want a man who is emancipated. So a guy born in the fifties with a traditional mother might find you too feminist.

What bugs me most in the advice of the dating gurus is how they tell you that you should admire your man and praise him.

As if your only role is provide constant ego stroking. This is not how adults relate to each other I think…. January 12, at January 13, at 1: Hey, thanks for the advice, Marilyn! But honestly, why should I bother anyway when I could be doing something fun, like masturbating over my pecker-induced feelings of hatred and bitterness and flesh-consuming rage?! I mean duh Marilyn. Better step back though because things have a tendency to get intense whenever I try to use the old noggin for anything other than food and booze recognition. Oh and also because you stink and it is rather distracting.

I mean geeeze dude…. Wait- what were we talking about? You asked a dumb question and I was about to answer it. Alrighty then, here goes nothing. Some ideas [1] Marilyn, are damaging. And they have real, actual, harmful effects on the lives of real, actual people.

#MindTheChat: 12 Dating Tips from Expert Evan Marc Katz | Anglophenia | BBC America

And when douche-buckets like EMK insist on perpetuating these damaging ideas that harm real people, they and he need to be called out for it and their ideas thoroughly repudiated. I knew you could keep up. But anyway, back to it. So if we need to take a trip back to kindergarten just let me know and off we will go. June 8, at 3: They want us to go back to being the docile obedient doormats.

Dating and Relationships Without Fear - an Interview with Rhonda Britten

Married at 17 to the first man who asks us and remain there for life… In the UK the daily mail is heading a fierce campaign against women. Worthless after 40 and infertile at I do wonder if EMK is part of this campaign.. November 30, at 1: I would say the same about all the coaches from life to the whole self help balogne that is plaguing the whole Internet amongst other areas.

January 20, at 3: Rosy, wow you see it just right. Miranda, Your site is an awesome one. I get the impression that you are a strong and wise woman.

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You are so refreshing. You have brought much truth to the forefront for us women. Do not be defeated by or allow certain males to make you stop speaking truth for women to hear. This is so needed. Women should continue to support each other and not be so catty against each other. June 12, at 3: July 10, at Miranda have you ever come across a manosphere blog called Dalrock? October 17, at Oh dear God I had forgotten that Dalrock existed. His was one of the manosphere blogs that I used to gawk at on the regular out of sheer horror.

I recently came across a site called The Return of Kings. And people take them seriously.

Attracting WRONG Men? 5 Evan Marc Katz Blog Posts WHY

January 16, at 7: Which brings me to my point. EMK is well aware of the value that misogynist trolls bring him in website traffic. Frankly many of the comments sounded planted to me, especially the ones from posters claiming to be women with the most misogynistic comments of all again, red flag. Which brings me to my second point.

Traditionalist conversatives and the far right in general seem to be on a mission to take over the internet. At the end of the day, click bait brings the trolls which brings the money, and the biggest fish in the digital sea these days are angry tradcons. March 26, at 5: This is so well written, thank you Erika. I myself had to learn the hard way. Down below on another post I defended Renee Wade a bit by saying she is not so creepy.

I take it back now. I am re-reading her material and it is horrifyingly awful. It is time to ride these morons and those who are just like them off the Internet. Or at least make an attempt. March 26, at 6: Opinionated masculines in a female body that have no idea how to be a woman!

And I would like to add that you all love to swear and cuss! SO unattractive and low class you are all a breed unto yourselves! March 26, at 9: March 27, at 7: And he agrees with me on these issues. Sorry to burst your bubble. I am glad I did not listen to fools and misogynists. I could have settled earlier for a man who would have made me unhappy. I held out for a good guy who respects me.