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We are particularly pleased that since this year, young people worldwide have had the opportunity to participate in research with the web portal," explains Carolin Schwerdt, coordinator of the astroparticle projects for young people at DESY and the nationwide German Network Netzwerk Teilchenwelt.

If you do not have access to measurement equipment on International Cosmic Day, you can use the web portal Cosmic Web to evaluate data provided by a long-term experiment that was developed at DESY in Zeuthen and has been taking data since This instrument, called CosMO-mill, is structured in much the same way as the experiments that are used on site at many locations.

The difficulty, however, is that large data sets have to be evaluated for long-term experiments.

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Since their complex data processing can no longer be carried out with conventional spreadsheet programs, we developed Cosmic Web to perform the data analysis efficiently. A graphical user interface offers the user a selection of visual representations of the data.

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

From this, conclusions can be drawn about the physics of the observed phenomenon. The web portal is the interface between the user, who selects the data sets, and the backend that processes these data.

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This year, for the first time, anyone who is interested in getting to the bottom of the exciting questions of astroparticle physics can participate in the International Cosmic Day, regardless of whether they can carry out their own measurements of cosmic rays or whether they use the existing data sets from web portal for their evaluation. If you are looking for a fresh perspective, we would love to know on what and ask our research team to find the answer for you.

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