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Paintings, Etchings Bronze, copper, pewter etc Jewelry E-mail. Bing - and J.

Bing as economical directors. The three tower in the hallmark comes from the City Coat of Arms of Copenhagen. Please help us if you can with images and information. Click on photo to see large image. There might be an uncertainty of one year, when it change to a new back stamp. Also I found that at least on Christmas plates in the s there seems to be some mix up of the back stamps.

On figurines with less room for the stamp - the different partial markings make it even harder to date the pieces. Please email your comments, questions, suggestions and corrections. In trade on the 2ndary market it makes no difference if the figurine is mint. The other great Copenhagen manufactory Royal Copenhagen had a system for each pattern: A coffee cup may have number in most different patterns.

Easy to work with if it wasn't for the possibility for different numbers on the same items: In Kronjyden initiated a stoneware production in cooperation with the designer J.

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On the same form 38 as Tema decorations like Mexico and Columbia followed together with Peru on form 45, and Coppelia, form Quistgaard og dennes firma "Dansk Design": Om salg til Jamer Antik Unstamped: Especially early Konjyden pieces Black sticker: Pottery in the fire and a crown made of bricks. Ester Tut Fog Rostrup Ceramicist. Otto Karl Otto Johansen Sculptor. Worked at Saxbo and Lindahl Lotte Lindahl Ceramicist and painter. Christian Theodor Poulsen Ceramicist. Being 2nd quality was shown by making a scratch over the stamp, which can be felt by the tip of a nail or seen from the right angle.

On these pieces actually sold it can be hard to determine a certain cause of it being a 2nd. If you choose that the delivery area is outside the EU, the price is always excl. DPH - Danish Design. For Asmussen - Hamlet Drop. Round - Cylindric model.

Bing & Grøndahl

Round - Medium Tall. Round - Tall Model. Round - Low Model. Dyberg Larsen Ceiling Lamp. Other Ceiling lights, Pendants etc. Lion - Tiger - Puma. Mini Summer and Winter Children. Kay Bojensen Royal Guards. Angel - DPH Denmark. Christmas Plates 33 cm.

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Christmas Plates - Not Danish Text. Rosenthal - Bjorn Wiinblad. RC - Memorial Plates. Masonic and Odd Fellow Plates. Desiree - Svend Jensen. Elg For Christian Homes.

The Trademark/Factory Stamp

Egemose - Fathers Day. Egemose - Mothers Day. Gustavsberg - Mothers Day. Hansa - Mothers Day. Porsgrund - Fathers Day. Porsgrund - Mothers Day.

Rorstrand - Fathers Day. Rorstrand - Mothers Day.

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Tettau - Fathers Day. Tettau - Mothers Day. RC - Natures Children. Aluminia Childrens Welfare plates. Royal Copenhagen Childrens Welfare plates. Fairy Tales of the Brother's Grimm. Ravn Swedish National Costumes. Rorstrand Swedish National Costumes. Fittings for Cake Stands. RC - Hans christian Andersen. RC - Series. Rorstrand Swedish Regional Costumes. RC - Easter Eggs. RC - Annual Eggs. RC - Annual Mugs. RC - Photo Frames.

Royal Copenhagen Multi Colour. Rorstrand Regional Costumes Coffee Service. Annual Spoons - Georg Jensen. Nymolle - Bjorn Wiinblad. Silver - Brass - Steel. Glass Art - DPH. Porcelain, Ceramic, Faiance etc. Cabinets, Bureau, and Sideboards. Storage boxes and jewel boxes. Pictures - Wall Panels. Tables, Consoles, Cupboard etc.

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Tables, Consoles, Cupboard etc. Asmussen - Hamlet Design. Coffee and Dinner Service. Flasker, kander og karafler. Helgi Joensen - Espolin Johnson. When are my items delivered? How can freight cost be too high? Out of stock in my basket. Compensation if transport damaged? Can I buy sold out items?

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What are annual items? How Royal Copenhagen marks 2. Age determining Royal Copenhagen. Do prices include VAT and tax?