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Are you a Westerner man thinking of dating a Filipina woman? Join a Filipina Dating Site. Let us know your stories and experiences in courting a Filipina. Feel free to react, ask a question, or comment on the field below. I have asian friends here in usa, but would love a relationship with a female from phil. How To Date Filipino Women: What I think About Filipino Girls? Are Filipinas Wonderful in Bed? What Are They Like? How To Be With Them? How To Know Them More?

Hi im lhen frm phil. They dont take marriage life seriously. They just live their life in the way they want and ignoring the fact that they are doing it wrong. They will spend time with him just so that they can get money to enjoy life and help family. Filipina wife and her families will keep asking money from foreigner husband and treat him as free money lender.

Even if you help them 9 times and refuse to send money just once, then they will call you bad and start using bad words. After few months or years of marriage, they will ask for divorce and that time will demand for huge amount of money and properties of husband. So this is huge loss for the foreigner and they regret it later about marrying Filipina. Once she is citizen of your country, they are ready to leave their husband and then find another man from philipines or that country.

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So in this case, foreigner is just being used for achieving her dream. Most of them are dating just for fun. So after a few months or years, they start saying that their feelings change and they leave. Moreover they will blame the men for breakup. So this is like a double murder to the boyfriend who is so innocent. You will find lot of Filipinas as single moms and when asked for the reason, they will say that they breakup becoz their ex-bf was cheater or irresponsible as father.

There are some cases where Filipina girlfriend or wife cheats her bf or husband. Then they have to adjust with other family members also which is another difficult task. It takes long time to learn and adjust but in most cases, the couples give up and then divorce. In philipines, they are taught to give priority to family first. So if her family tells her to leave the husband, she will do it and go back to her family. So they will want to try many different men for sex. They do it for money and pleasure. Then they ask for dick sizes, nudes in our messages box and also they want sex video call.

But in public, they are acting decent and so innocent. They become single moms and say that they are proud of it.

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  • Philipines is well known place for sex tourism. They do this scamming for money and also are players.


    What I've learned from dating a Filipino woman

    After this old men is dead, she is rich and can get to do whatever she want with his riches. They make so many promises to their lover but break it so easily because they are not serious about it. Some of this is a beat up by migration agents. Tourist visas are a case by case basis. I sponsored my future wife for two tourist visas and then a third one whilst married.

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    She has her permanent residency now. For all those people who read these alarmist posts, calm down. If you are worried see a reputable migration agent. I suggest someone who actually has a degree in migration law and simply not a migration agent.

    Dating and Marrying a Filipina

    A friend of mine went to Australia on a tourist visa and her trip was sponsored by her sister who lives there. I fell hook line and sinker. I has just got out of the Army in after a year or so I decided to travel, and had already been to the Philippines on leave when stationed in S. Korea back in the late 90s. It was an experience to say the least but I expected as much. The Philippines is a corrupt, dirty, polluted, and Religiously fanatic country of hypocrisy. I have since married the woman I met back in while living there.

    She was sweet, beautiful, loving, and it seemed like my soulmate had finally been found. I loved her wholeheartedly, and unconditionally, and we now have a 4 year old Son together. I lived on my Social Security and military Disability while living in the Philippines. The currency exchange value made it to where we lived very very well. Much better than anyone in her Barangay. A fish farm that raised crabs, fish, and prawn.

    I just blew it of and figured ,screw it they need it worse than I do, and I still get over k php per month from my Social Security alone so why complain.

    FILIPINA RESPONDS TO: Why Dating In The Philippines Is SO HARD For WHITE Guys - Ayn Bernos

    Unfortunately I found out the hard way that the Filipino tradition, and pride are something us foreigners have to learn through experience ,since Filipinos are great actors and scammers. So to say the least they are raised corrupt and find no problem with it.

    They see you coming, especially a newby your toast. It comes from living a life of poverty and being desperate. I felt sorry for them all at first, but when I noticed if your not a OFW worker then they pretty much sit around and want their children to support the family. I even saw barefoot toddlers working collecting recycling materials in a landfill. Some neck deep in filth and barefoot, while their parents are at home.

    Mom playing Marking on the front porch running a gambling house, Dad asleep or half drunk on Imperador going door to door to his neighborhood drinking, eating and more sleeping. I had enough and decided to try to get my wife and son to America now it was time. Since married there I had to petition her with a CR1 visa and since my sins paperwork as an American citizen was already completed by myself, his was much easier but we still had to wait almost 2 years to get them to the States.

    I went home and although disabled went back to work part time to setup a nice house and life for us all. Once her visa was processed they joined me here in Florida and our lives commenced once again. I thought she might be homesick already but it was deeper. House payment, car payment, utilities, insurance for house and cars, business expenses, capital etc. My normal experience being American.

    We know the drill and most of us work or live paycheck to paycheck. I noticed she was spending all her time online.

    I noticed she was sick or whatever every single time I wanted to be intimate. I noticed she was distant, lethargic, sleeping 16 hrs a day, staying up all night online, and I even found the icing on the cake. I picked her phone up and looked through it to find pages still open. It also had several with half nude photos, and a whole photoshoot of her nude on Snapchat. She has since then started working with other Filipina and they always disappear for hours on end with one of them. I have tried to ask her to get help and change for our kid.

    She told me right in front of him. I never wanted to be a mother or be married to you, you both ruined my life and my freedom. She kept complaining about her abdominal pain for months as well and always refused to spend even one dollar on her health. Even has a private bank account. So I payed for her to go to a gynecologist. The first time in her pathetic life.

    An STD in which never in my entire life have I had one. I freaked and immediately went to my Dr. I even had extensive extra testing. All came back negative thank God or I may be in prison right now.